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Typical Japanese Garden Landscape Design Elements

A Japanese garden is one of the most desired designs for any large garden. The reason for this is because not only has the art of Japanese garden been around for centuries but also due to the symbolism that comes with this. Japanese garden landscape designs usually invoke a calm and serene feeling in people who experience it.

There are many tings to consider when making a Japanese garden landscape design and these include the lay of the land, the climate of the area and what the owner expects from the garden. One can also expect a difference when making cottage garden landscape design for a garden integrated near a cottage.

The Elements Of A Japanese Garden Landscape Design

There are some fixed elements in a Japanese garden landscape design that can be represented by other things. The main concept behind a Japanese garden landscape design is to a peaceful serenity that one can spend while in the garden. The garden is there for the enjoyment of the people who visit as well as the people who take care of it.

Water is one of the foremost elements that one almost always sees in a Japanese garden landscape design. If it is not the real thing then you can expect the element to be represented by sand or pebbles such as in a rock garden. The aim of this element is to portray nature and what is more natural than water?

Another thing that one can expect from a traditional Japanese garden landscape design is to have an island or a representation of it. Many Japanese gardens have ponds and there is usually a small island in that pond. In a rock garden, the island is represented by a rock in the middle of a sea of pebbles or sand. A bridge to this island may be present although not all Japanese gardens have these. Many Japanese garden landscape designs do have bridges that link one part of the garden to another.

Lanterns or some source of light can also be seen in many of the Japanese garden landscape designs. These have their own symbolism especially when placed near water formations. A tea house or some form of shelter structure, maybe a pavilion or gazebo is also typical for a Japanese garden landscape design.

One thing that has to be borne in mind when creating a Japanese garden landscape design is that all things in the garden need to be shaped naturally. Most pools or ponds are not shaped in a perfect square since this can not occur in nature.