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Hot Tub Covers

If you own a hot tub, you may already know the importance of proper hot tub covers to protect your investment and keep it in good working condition for as long as possible.

For some, although you might think that it doesn't matter that much and just about anything will work, however this isnt the situation. We'll explain why in this article.

Evaporating Water

You may know that you don't drain your water every time you use your hot tub; this would be impractical and somewhat impossible. Hot tub covers therefore protect your water from evaporating and from impurities. Think of a very old, dirty pool whose water is muddy, yellow, and full of leaves and dirt.Like the pool your hot tub would gather leaves, dirt, mud, and other debri without the protection of the right hot tub cover.Eventually with use water will evaporate over time but with the right cover alot of this evaporation can be eliminated thereby saving you a bundle on your water bill.

For Safety

Think of the calamity of a small child or baby falling into the tub and drowning or getting seriously injured. Not only would you probably be sued if it were someone else's child, the guilt and anguish would be unbearable.With a quality tub cover not only will you prevent an accident from happening to a child but you will also protect small animals and pets as well.

If fact a alot of cities require some sort of hot tub cover to be properly installed to make it safe. Failer to comply will result in actual fines depending on the city you live in!

Getting a Quality Cover

Hot tub covers are not all created equal. For proper protection and insulation, quality hot tub covers will have a least one and a half pounds of foam density. Don't go overboard in this area, however. If you have too much foam density then the cover may become awkward and hard to maneuver.

It's probably best to get the cover recommended for your make and model,  most come with a lifetime warranty.The merchant may be able to help you with your budget and needs, and also give you tips on how it should fit.