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Stylish Home Security Lights

Security lights are usually associated with unattractive halogen lights housed in ugly aluminum housing. While it is often necessary from a safety point of view to have home security lights but it is not always the easiest thing to disguise. It might look very out of place next to your carefully decorated home.

The good news is that there are now home security lights that have been designed with both form and function in mind. No matter what you design aesthetic is there is a motion outdoor flood light that will fit in with the look of your house.

Home Security Lights -Lanterns

Lanterns are now a very popular home security lights with a traditional or old fashioned look and feel. In homes where a modern light fixture would look out of place or worse ruin a certain look you have been working hard to cultivate, this is the perfect solution.

Not only does the outdoor security flood light lantern look like an old fashioned lantern to lend the place ambience but it has all the features needed of a modern security system. You can choose when you want the light to come on. You can also choose certain things like light sensitivity.

If you have a modern look to your house then there are plenty of sleek and stylish home security lights that will fulfill your security and aesthetic needs. It is often difficult to find something that strikes the right balance between industrial and clean lines associated with modern décor. However more manufacturers are designing the kind of security flood lights that fit the description of modern home décor.

Looks Aside

Looks aside there are other important things to consider when choosing home security lights. One of them is the light sensitivity. Some lights have better light sensitivity than others, for example a system with poor light sensitivity may only turn on when motion is detected in front of a specific part of the light.

Being able to control when the light comes on is another priority. Now even the most basic home security lights have a timer control. This is very important for anyone who is away from home for long periods of time and may be the whole point of having such a security measure at home. The energy efficiency of the light you choose is also important as you don’t want to be paying huge energy bills.