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Can Garden wind chimes Help Your Plants Grow?

It’s common to see garden wind chimes near people’s houses. These chimes ring out whenever the wind blows and they offer a peaceful and beautiful sound while also looking great amongst the growing garden.

Some even think that garden wind chimes help their plants grow bigger and stronger. There may be some truth to that as some believe that talking to plants helps them grow; why wouldn’t the beautiful sound of garden wind chimes help them grow as well? To see if this is true, an experiment would be in order. Get a garden, some garden wind chimes and see how big and strong the plants get. Of course, you’d also need a control garden without chimes to see if the experiment works but it would be fun to try. One thing’s for sure, the sound of garden wind chimes does add a great touch to any garden; even if they don’t do anything for the plants’ growth.

Garden Wind Chimes -What Type?

When you have a garden and you want to add some garden wind chimes, you have to decide what kind you want. Do you want glass wind chimes, metal wind chimes, wooden wind chimes or do you want plastic ones? It would probably be best to go with wooden wind chimes. That’s because glass could break if the wind got too strong in your garden. Metal may rust if it rains excessively and plastic may not elicit the sound you want. Wooden chimes give off a unique sound that’s not unlike bamboo percussion instruments. They give off a hollow drum sound that’s very beautiful and evokes images of Asian landscapes and designs. So wooden garden wind chimes may be the best bet for your garden.

Where To Buy Them

To get your set of garden wind chimes you should try out any garden store. Garden wind chimes are very popular so you should be able to find what you’re looking for. They’ll have all types, including wooden, metal, glass, plastic and any designs you could ever want. If you can’t seem to find the chimes you’re wanting, you can always look online where you’ll be able to shop many different stores at the push of a button and you may even be able to customize a set for your very own garden so that you can get a set nobody else has. When they’re finally set up in your garden, a gentle breeze blows through, you may think it’s just your chimes but it may also be your plants growing bigger, stronger and more lush by the day.