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Using Outdoor Solar Garden String Lights

An outdoor lighting system is an important last touch to the landscape design of a home or office. There are many different lighting options available to fit the use and type of yard they are placed in. There are some floodlights that are mainly for safety reasons, so light those dark corners of the yard so that they do not become attractive to prowlers.


There are lights that go on the sides of the driveways to mark the entrance into the home. Still other lights are used as decoration in the yard, marking certain features for all to see. Outdoor solar garden string lights are used for this purpose, usually being seen wrapped around railings or trees to highlight their beauty during the nighttime hours. These lights come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, such as the solar umbrella string patio lights that hang down from the umbrella on the deck of the home to give mood lighting at night.

Garden String Lights -The Choices

There are many different options in the outdoor solar garden string lights. Some come with a solar panel that can sit on top of an umbrella or other item so that it can absorb the sunlight to give the power to the garden string lights. There are others that have smaller solar panels built into the garden string lights so that it is barely noticeable where the garden string lights are obtaining their power from.

These outdoor solar garden string lights are environmentally friendly and are also easier to use than the traditional versions. The reason for this is that the solar powered outdoor garden string lights can be placed anywhere in the yard, whereas the traditional ones have to be near a power source.

The outdoor solar garden string lights also come in many different design options. The price of these lights runs from twenty dollars to about eighty dollars, depending on the type of lights that are bought. There are some that are hand made, being made of blown glass in a variety of different shapes and colors. There are others that are made from sea glass or that have a metal wrapping around each bulb to give it a distinctive appeal in the daylight as well as having the nice glow at night. The outdoor solar garden string lights also are usually powered by LED bulbs, which last for long periods of time and give off a lot of light. Many of the higher priced versions of the outdoor solar garden string lights will have a day/night sensor on them so that they automatically turn on and off.