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Garden Patios

There are some really fabulous ways to spice up the outside of your home, and garden patios are definitely one of the very best. They make great places to display your potted plant collection as well as

extra seating when you have a gathering. You can even build your own garden patios, it doesn't matter if you are not the most skilled person when it comes to handiwork, you can create a beautiful and stable garden patio for your home.


Make a list of several important items that need to be planned before getting underway. Any type of outdoor living area creates more space for entertaining and will ultimately increase the value of your home as well. Consider one of the many varieties of garden patios you could build, for instance there are manufactured wood products and many styles of brick, stones or cement. Gravel is more commonly used for pathways or driveways rather and for patios or play areas.

Before You Begin

Garden patios require plenty of pre-measuring of the are where the patio is going to be. This is something that deffinitely needs to be just the right size without looking too large. If you are new to this type of project it would be best to plan an area that is square or rectangular rather than curvy.

Now you want to dig out the area for the garden patios, typically to a depth of about 8”. You will want to use a level to be sure that the patio base is on an incline so that rain water will run down hill away from your home. Before setting any bricks permenantly in place, lay them out to be sure they are the way you want them. If you are completely happy with how the bricks look then you can pour the sand and set them permanently in place. The best method is to go with a basket weave as this will be the most secure and will also ensure that the bricks will not move around and shift when they are walked on.

Well thought-out and planned garden patios can provide years of enjoyment.