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Increase Value with Garden Landscape Design

Beautiful formal gardens will need constant care to maintain their clean design. Pruning and trimming occur almost every other day and cleanliness is one thing that is usually maintained for most formal

gardens. A fromal garden is created with clean and well defined garden landscape design. Add definition and color with plant choice and arrangement and interest with unusual plant varieties. A well planned garden landscape design will often have either geometric or curved but very distinctive borders.

Adding Borders and Pathways

These elements are often part of the garden landscape design of a formal garden. Borders can be created from a variety of materials including rocks, bricks or even a low row of shurbs. English garden landscape designs require a well defined border to separate the flora and fauna from the pathways and lawns. Formal gardens require neat borders in the garden landscape design to create more attention to the edges.

A garden landscape design will need a beautiful pathway inviting your guests to visit your formal garden. Pathways can be made of slate, brick or gravel and can wind randomly in and out of the garden. Most are stone or cement while others use wood to define the pathway. Including a cleverly laid out pathway in your garden landscape design will direct your visitors to stategic areas of interest.

Stone Structures

The garden landscape design of a formal garden is not complete without a stone structure. These structures can be fountains or gazebos that are usually made of stone but other materials might also suffice although stone is most common. Stone looks good in the garden landscape design as furniture, low benches or walls as well garden plot borders and steps. Several stone varieties are chosen by many when considering a change in their garden landscape design.

To give your garden landscape design a dramatic finish add items such as a water fountain, koi pond, a trellis or sitting area. These look great as additions for a formal garden.

Hiring a landscape architect is sometimes needed to create the perfect formal garden landscape design for your home. They will be well informed on what plants and other features are traditionally used in formal gardens.