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Front Yard Design

Your front yard design is the first part of your home visitors see and may be the only portion of your residence seen by many.

The front yard design is a very important aspect of curb appeal and can make your home look inviting and stylish. The design of your front yard also sets the theme for the rest of your outdoor space and should draw focus and attention to your home. If real curb appeal, extreme beauty, and increased value are what you want for your home, then take the time to plan a unique front yard design that invites your guests inside.

The Importance of trees and shrubs in your front yard can provide a number of different benefits to your front yard design. You should select trees that are proportionate to your home and blend with the overall outdoor design. Plan the location of the trees and shrubs in your front yard carefully, using trees that grow well in your climate and soil type. Fruit trees, citrus trees, and ornamentals like crepe myrtles and dogwoods are great choices for a front yard design. Shrubs, boxwoods, topiaries, and smaller ornamentals are excellent for creating linear patterns in your front yard and can line sidewalks, driveways, or the exterior of the home.

Adding Personality with flowers is also the best way to add color to your front yard design. Bright blooms of red, orange, and yellow hues will attract attention while calmer shades of blue and green blend into the landscape and create a relaxing atmosphere. And even city dweller should have at least a front stoop to fill with flowers. Having a raised planting bed that rests above the grade of your main lawn for flowers or other planting is an appealing landscape feature. The best material will reflect your landscape style while complementing the design of your home.

Most modern neighborhoods encourage off road parking so driveways are usually an essential part of the front yard design. Circular driveways add an elegant flair and are ideal for rustic, Mediterranean style landscapes, as well as flowing designs with contemporary appeal. Your front yard design may include driveway pavers, either for the entire surface, or just in specific areas as design elements.

Create harmony inside and out with front porch decorations and front porch lights. Decorating your front porch is the perfect opportunity to blend the style of your home with your front yard design. Secluded courtyards offer a more intimate style of landscape design and are popular in many California style homes. You may want to use a decorative fountain as a focal point in your front yard design or highlight a flower bed with a natural looking fountain ponds.

Your front yard landscape design is your home's first impression maker. Creating an inviting front yard design can be a challenge, especially on a small lot that is exposed to the walkway and street traffic. Rather then only carpeting the soil with lawn and edging it with foundation plants, Westerners more and more are rethinking their front yard design.

Develop areas for outdoor living, create a welcoming entry, and design a landscape that suits your home and lifestyle. Neatly designed pathways will improve the view of the landscape. Don't be afraid to give your front yard landscaping design a Cottage garden design or English garden design look with lots and lots of perennials. Arbors are something nice to consider as an entrance to the backyard, but seen from the front. Do a thorough online search; The internet is so vast you can get your favorite idea for a beautiful landscape design.




Front yard landscape design is often considered the most important component of complete home and garden planning. Your front yard serves many purposes and should be carefully planned to blend all these uses into a complementary design that brings out the beauty of your home. Include every single area of your front yard in the design plan, from the road all the way to your front door. But take care to keep the design simple and avoid large amounts of vegetation. Use the basics of landscape design planning to direct visitors to the entrance to your home.

That solitary tree planted out front can be spruced up with some hardy ground covers or Hosta, primrose or ferns, depending on the soil and exposure. Use containers to decorate the front yard garden. Take a drive around town and see if you can find a house that stands out because of its front yard plantings. Really, now, a front yard garden is your chance to let your creativity shine.

The architectural beauty of a house depends on many factors, but one factor which surely aiding to the majestic beauty of a house is the front yard design. The front yard presents to the world your home, your landscaping and a bit about you. Your front yard design also presents itself to your family and guests. You may never sit in your front yard, but it will beckon you home just the same. Consult with your professional landscape design firm for what might be best for your home. There is a saying that "if a house were a person, the front yard would be what it wore to the prom."