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Free Standing Awning

When it comes to awnings, you would have a choice of three options to include fixed, retractable, and free standing.

With a fixed awning, you have an attachment that is permanently affixed to the home, meaning it cannot be moved or adjusted. A retractable awning is one that can be extended and retracted, manually or automatically, depending on the design. While this is the most expensive of the three, it is also a very popular choice. free standing awning image

However, the third option is a free standing awning, which is the most affordable, and therefore, another great consideration. A free standing awning is designed so it does not extend or retract but for instances of a limited budget and a space that cannot accommodate much weight, this is the perfect solution. You will also find these awnings come in a variety of styles and colors.

A free standing awning offers a number of other benefits. For instance, a good quality choice can block out as much as 99% of the sun’s UV rays. In addition, an awning prevents up to 94% of light. Because of this, a free standing awning is a great way to cut back on energy use, which means the cost of running the air conditioning unit in the summer is reduced. With the awning in place, both heat and sun are blocked out from going through the windows and into the home.

Additionally, a free standing awning is nice in that it is always up so regardless of the year or the weather, the outdoor area can be enjoyed more. For instance, on a rainy day, you could still sit outdoors on the deck or patio without worrying about getting wet. Then in the hot summer months, a free standing awning provides a shaded area that is cool and comfortable.

Then, a free standing awning actually takes an ordinary space and turns it into a place that can be used for personal enjoyment or weekend entertainment. With so many different sizes, styles, shapes, and colors, you can choose whatever type of awning will not only make your outdoor space better but also enhance the color and style of the home. Therefore, whether your home was built with Victorian, Cape Cod, contemporary, or traditional architecture, there are a number of awning choices to consider.

For material, most often you would find the free standing awning made from canvas although they are also made with aluminum. When it comes to reflecting light, aluminum does a much better job and in fact, this material is the better choice for keeping the area cool. You will also find that a free standing awning made from aluminum is more durable, most lasing for the life of the home.

For a canvas free standing awning, you would find them to be affordable and available in many more options as far as choice. However, these awnings usually need to be replaced every eight to twelve years, as they will begin to fade and deteriorate. Even so, you may find that you prefer canvas over aluminum. You will simply need to look at your options and talk to a professional who can guide you to buying the right free standing awning, one that will make your outdoor life better.