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Fountain Ponds

Imagine the peace and serenity you can find in watching a fountain pump create a beautiful splash of water in the center of your fountain ponds.  

You can even get a fountain pond pump with enough power to force your pond water to go just about anywhere enabling you to create such features as streams and waterfalls!  All you need is a fountain statue, tubing, pond liner, pond padding, submersible pump with 200 gallon per hour capacity and bricks. With all those materials, you can create a garden pond.

Ponds, pools, streams and fountains create a magical sense of tranquility. And when it comes to incorporating them into your own yard, outdoor water fountains are among the easiest to implement. Do you want a lively cascade or a tranquil pool? Lightweight garden fountains of resin compound are created by skilled artisans to replicate classical masters. A well chosen outdoor garden fountain must appeal to the sight and sound senses.

Fountain ponds will make an ordinary  patio area a relaxing oasis right in your own backyard. A very typical type of pond fountain statuary style is one where the fountain seamlessly integrates with an existing pond or pool. All you need to do is buy a statue that can double as a fountain which can acquire its water from an existing supply. Note that allowing stagnant dirty water to pool in backyard fountains is like an open invitation for mosquitoes to breed so you need to clean your fountains regularly.




If you want a pool, a stream, and a fountain, you might create your pool first, then add the fountain and stream later. After all, liners can be fused together as your project is developed. To create more visual height, consider installing some type of trellis behind the pond. Potted plants can be hung on the trellis, or made to grow up over the trellis. Aquatic or pond plants help remove nutrients that create the food for pond algae but rarely solve green water problems entirely. All pond inhabitants need oxygen.

Remember that whatever the design, your fountain's upward flow can only reach a height of no more than half the diameter of your pooling place. Use a level throughout the installation process to make sure your pool remains on the level.

Fountain ponds with a cascading waterfall or can add oxygen effectively, while also looking beautiful and adding the sound of cascading water to your water garden.