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Faux Exterior Stone Adds Class

Faux exterior stone is quite popular because of their similarity with the natural stone and their easy installation. You should not mistake the faux exterior stone for stone veneer because the later is the real stone cut into thin plates. The faux stone on the other hand is made of concrete and are colored to resemble the appearance of original stone.

You can install faux exterior stone for a cost of 20 to 50 dollars per square foot. This would certainly be half of the price of the traditional stone veneers. Therefore this attracts the builders that want to offer a traditional exterior material to enhance the look of the house. The faux exterior stone saves the cost of repairs associated with wood siding. The faux exterior stone have the very natural look that it is quite difficult to distinguish it from the real thing.

The faux exterior stone is made of fine aggregate cement and high density iron oxide pigments so that you will get proper texture and appearance. The color variation of faux exterior stone is lesser than the real stone and so they look better than the original stones. You can create them in any desired color even in those colors in which the real stones are not obtained naturally. You can impart the plume and gold tones if you prefer.

The real stone has to be installed while you are still building your house. But this is not the case with faux exterior stone. Also you need far less skill to install them when compared with real stone. As the faux exterior stone is lighter than real stone you can install it quicker and they are quite easier to transport. In spite of all goodness some architects still prefer to use real stones for its authenticity and appearance.

Also there are some disadvantages of using faux exterior stone. Some architects feel that creating a material to mimic the real stone is a form of visual dishonesty. Also this makes use of iron oxide pigments for getting the desired color and when the price of this product increase the cost of the faux exterior stone would also increase. In this case the cost of real ones and the fake ones will become equal. Some times less expensive varieties make use of lower quality pigments which will lead to uneven wear. In spite of its disadvantages the faux exterior stone is much preferred by many people.