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Faux Brick Comes In a Wide Variety

Faux brick is made to look like real bricks and are available in different sizes and materials. You have to choose that kind which will fit your needs.

The faux brick is made of the composition of many materials. Usually they are made of plastics such as polypropylene or polyurethane, different types of recycled products and recycled paper and cardboard. These panels are designed to interlock and have the style and color of brick. You have different colors to choose from such as tan, red, white, yellow and few other options.

You have flexible faux brick panels that help you in installing them in curved surface. They are up to one inch in their thickness and can be cut with scissors. You can easily install them with the help of glue or screw them to the surface. They are weatherproof and resist insect infestation. To complete the look of the walls on which they are installed you have corner pieces.

The faux brick is made from different materials such as quartz sand and vermiculite and other natural materials. This composition makes it light weight and give you a natural looking texture. You can install it with the help of mortar just like you install the bricks made of clay. The faux brick is lighter in weight than the conventional bricks and they have versatile usage than their original counterparts.

If you want to paint your faux brick in your own choice of colors you have brick panels of white color. You can paint in your desired color as your creativity demands. If you already have brick in place you can install these panels and paint them to match the old bricks. The lightweight and less expensive faux brick is made of recycled paper and cardboard. They are ready to install and paint and can be treated so that they will be water resistant to increase their life. \

You can complete the small projects that make use of faux brick in a day or two as this is relatively easy to install. They are designed to interlock so that you can fit them across the surface like puzzle pieces. You can cut the faux brick panels with the help of heavy duty utility knife to make it fit to the area needed. When you install them on the exterior walls, you have to lock them tightly to prevent water or moisture from seeping between the panels.