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Exterior Decorative Panels Create A Rich Look

You have veneer type exterior decorative panels that create rich look to your homes, offices and restaurants.

When you compare the price of these panels, they are relatively expensive as the process of manufacturing of these panels is labor intensive. The exterior decorative panels are made of variety of composite materials to reduce the cost of labor while still maintaining that aesthetic look as well as the insulating property of the products.

The exterior walls comprise Styrofoam layer that is covered with fiberglass wire mesh and this is fastened to the exterior surface of the wall with the help of fasteners or adhesives and this multilayer finish of exterior decorative panels offer you insulation. Then you may coat the fiberglass wire mesh with top coat followed by a base coat and finish coat to get the desired finish. You can also apply waterproof coating on the exterior decorative panels. Usually these composite wall panels comprise inner layer of foam.

You would need unique exterior decorative panels that are durable and are not readily penetrated. You can coat this with acrylic resin, silica sand and other reinforcing fibers. When you coat this with resin you can mix hard and soft acrylic resin to get a resilient resin mixture that could be combined with glass fibers to get good surface coverage. The exterior decorative panels are made with tongue and groove edges also and these are placed to form a substantially continuous decorative surface. You have to butt them against one another and if you find space in between these panels you have to fill it with caulking or with coating.

When you select exterior decorative panels you must see if it contains certain features like super peeling strength. Also the exterior walls are prone to damage with weather changes and so you must check to see if these panels are weather proof and fireproof. They must have good temperature adaptability as well as excellent self cleaning character. The exterior decorative panels are good alternative to ordinary paint or wallpaper. You can enjoy a modern outlook with these panels.

The exterior decorative panels are the new trend in wall coverings. You can install these panels easily. They are made with the excellent combination of wood and resin and so these exterior decorative panels are highly durable. Maintenance and cleaning of these panels is easier too. You can get a new look and feel to your home by installing them.