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Elements Of An English Garden Landscape Design

A true English garden landscape design usually has certain elements or components which should always be present. There have been many additions to the English garden landscape design which are not the usual components but are accepted since homeowners basically dictate what they want to be in their gardens.

For public gardens which are run and maintained by the government, there are many things which are usually maintained to adhere to the English garden landscape design.

Natural English Garden Landscape Design

One thing that an extensive English garden landscape design usually has is representation. Hills, lakes and other areas naturally found in nature are represented in many English gardens and each may have its own area. This concept is quite similar to the concept of a Japanese garden landscape design with some major differences. English garden landscape design is not necessarily flat land. Mounds that represent hills and glens may be found in one and these usually have their alcoves in which people can sit down and talk.

English garden landscape designs like these entails having large space for a garden. There are many possible structures to be found in an English garden and most of these are water fixtures and stone furniture. The extensive garden has a beautiful character for each of its own small niche which people need to experience on their own to be appreciated.


A typical formal English garden landscape design almost always has a clear definition of its borders. Borders usually consist of plants that may be flowering or not but typically with small leaves for low or small borders. The English garden landscape design also has very well defined pathways which can serve as the borders of the entire garden. No matter how rambling an English garden may be, there is almost always a well defined border to limit it.

Another typical thing for an English garden landscape design is the uniformity or the order of the colors. A formal English garden will either have flowering plants with the same colors or have a gradual shift from one tone to another. One does not see a riot of different colored flowers in a formal English garden landscape design unless specified by the home owner.

Both the natural representation and borders are just a few of the components that one is sure to find in an English garden landscape design. Other components may be added depending on the preferences of the owner.