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Ideas On How To Design A Small Garden

Designing a small garden can seem like even more of a daunting task than designing a very large garden. When you are designing a large garden, you have a lot of leeway and room for mistake.

When designing a small garden, however, there is precious little room for error. Every mistake will be magnified in a small garden. If you feel overwhelmed and do not really know what to do, here are some ideas on how to design a small garden.

Design a Small Garden -Location, Location, Location!

The first step in how to design a small garden is to choose your location. A small patio garden design will be different than a small front garden design or even a small back garden design. Make sure that you think about where you are putting your garden before you decide on your design concepts. You will need to take soil conditions, exposure to sunlight, shade, and closeness of other things like trees and foundations into consideration when implementing your design. Because of this, you will most definitely need to choose a location before beginning any design ideas.


The next step in how to design a small garden is to decide what shape you want your small garden to be. You can have a crescent shape accenting your front door, or an “L” shaped garden on the corner of your home. You could do something unique and have a star shaped garden in the middle of your lawn or have a traditional circle shaped garden around a favorite tree. There are many different design ideas for your small garden. Make sure that the design concept that you choose fits the location that you decided on as well.

Flowers And Plants

The third and final step in how to design a small garden is to choose what plants and flowers you want in your garden. Depending on the location and the shape, you will have to make specific and calculated decisions on your plants and flowers. If you want to put in a small fruit tree, that is a great idea—unless your garden is surrounding a larger tree or if the garden is near the foundation of your home. You absolutely do not want to plant a tree near the foundation of your home because it could grow into the foundation and weaken it. In addition, the location that you chose is important in reference to the amount of sunlight that the plants are going to get. You must make sure when thinking of how to design a small garden that the plants will get the appropriate amount of sunlight.