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Decorative Fountain

Give birds a place to splash and you'll have instant back yard entertainment. A decorative fountain will perform double duty as perfectly sized baths for feathered creatures of all types.

They are available in all different shapes and sizes and most can be customizable. The size, style and materials used for the construction of your decorative fountain, will determine approximately how much the price of the fountain will run.

High-quality, and some reasonably priced, indoor and outdoor fountains are available in a variety of diverse and interesting shapes. These elegantly designed works of art are made from unique materials and decorative stones that are clearly in sync with today's decorating trends.

Outdoor fountains may be large sized fountains or multi-tiered fountains that are available in multiple finishes and color variations of marble, sandstone and granite. Highly ornate, indoor stone fountains are popular items of beautification that bring any home alive. In some fountains the water flows from the top of the fountain into each bowl continuously. Some outdoor water fountains are made from polyresin to create a silver stone-like finish that looks like a natural rock.

Your garden decorative fountain can be as simple as a pile of rocks or as complex as a life-size statue fountain for ponds. You will enjoy the sound of your fountain while relaxing out on the patio. There's something about the sound of trickling water that is very soothing and creates a relaxing atmosphere.




When you choose plants to grow around your decorative water fountain, make sure their height at maturity is short, relative to the water fountain statuary. Draw the eye to the fountain by having a stone path lead up to it, by accenting it with a bright color, or by any one of a number of similar landscape design tricks. Fountain options can include those which are statuesque and more formal, decorative, or simple. The size of fountain you choose will depend mainly on the amount of space in your surrounding area.

As decorative accents, fountains and waterfalls can make any water feature more vibrant and alive, and when they are lit by night, they can bring spectacular looks to a patio or garden. Whether they arc out, spray up, or spill over, a decorative fountain is nearly always a great idea for your patio focal point.