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Decorative Faux Stone For Both Exterior and Interior

Decorative faux stone is widely used both for interior decoration as well as exterior decoration purpose. There are different types of stones for interior uses and exterior uses. There are so many amazing aspects of today’s new technology and decorative faux stone is one among them.


This is used in place of conventional cement and stones. You can get the same great appeal of the real stone. No one can find any visual difference between these two things.

Decorative faux stone is made of molds that are made by casting original stones. They are made in the same type as naturally round semi polished pebbles. This stone is used instead of real stones in variety of applications. They are used in swimming pools to get that natural look. If you make use of real stones it would be quite expensive. But decorative faux stone is quite affordable.

The decorative faux stone is mainly used for decorative purposes in fire place mantels, fire place surrounds, columns and in kitchens. You can also make your walls more attractive with decorative faux stone. All you have to do is to build your wall and fix the faux stones over it to give it a visual appeal.

You will find this strong and reliable. Getting the same touch and feel with real stones may be a difficult process. Also this will break your bank and take a long time. There is no such trouble with decorative faux stone.

You can impart aesthetic appeal to your rooms, restaurants, business places and office buildings with the help of decorative faux stone. This will help you to maintain structural integrity of the overall structure. The cost of decoration would be much lesser when compared to real stones.

You can customize the look of your wall by making decorative faux stone by yourself. You have to cut the foam sheets into shapes that would look like stones and this will resemble the look of stone. You have to glue it to place and cover it with cheesecloth and use other hardeners for hardening the product.

The decorative faux stone is also made as panels and used for siding. This looks exactly like the real thing and you do not require any maintenance throughout its life span. You can find them in different colors and sizes both in online stores and offline home renovation shops. The decorative faux stone is the best of all veneers.