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Deck Post Solar Lights -The Decorative Area Light

There are many ways to light a lawn or garden at night. Some are more decorative than utilitarian, and others offer a little of both. Deck post solar lights are one of the latter kinds. They offer the usefulness of lighting the deck during the night for social situations and also are beautifully made so that they add to the deck's décor in the daytime.


They come in many different materials and colors so that they match the deck furniture and other decorations that might be there already. The deck post solar lights are also easy to install and are very affordable, only costing about twenty to forty dollars on average for a solid light that will last for years.

Deck Post Solar Lights -The Options

Post top solar lights are popular lighting choices since they are usually designed to sit on top of any four by four inch post. This is a popular size in posts for the corners of the deck area, which is why many will choose the deck post solar lights to use there.

Some of the deck post solar lights have opaque glass in the sides of them so that the light is diffused a little more and gives a soft glow to it rather than a glaring light. The solar panel on the deck post solar lights is located in the top of the light so that it blends in rather than having a separate panel that has to be placed somewhere on the deck to catch the sunlight.

There are other options in deck lighting besides the deck post solar lights. If the people have a table with an umbrella over it, there are solar umbrella lights that are made to be strung through the arms of the umbrella so that the light bulbs hang down beneath it.

There are usually about eight bulbs that hang down, many of which are hand blown and have designs on them so that they look pretty in the daytime as well. The solar panel on these string lights sits on top of the umbrella so that it is out of the way and can catch the sunlight so that the lights beneath can run for hours on end. There are other string lights that are also used in place of a solar deck post light for a softer touch, such as strings of lights that can be wound around the railings of the deck or hung over the deck to give the ambient lighting.