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Maintaining Your Custom Outdoor Cushions

The patio is a great place to relax, unwind and get together with family and friends. Some patios are open while others have roofs to protect the custom outdoor cushions and upholstery from the elements. It can be noted that not all custom outdoor cushions are made of the same material so not all can weather the elements. Elements such as the sun, rain and snow can severely tax the life of your custom outdoor cushions and the furniture itself.

Tips For Maintaining Custom Outdoor Cushions

One of the things that you can do in order to maintain the form, shape and life span of your cushions is to gather them inside if you are not using the patio. This can be very taxing on your part especially if the furniture cushions are large. You would also need a large area where you can store the custom outdoor cushions while they are not being used.

Another way is to provide an umbrella or a shade in order to shelter the custom outdoor cushions. The shade can also give the people who sit on the furniture some shade from the sun and the rain. A patio umbrella is a good way to provide shade and you can also fold it if the wind is blowing too hard so that it will not get blown away.

Some manufacturers of custom outdoor cushions are making their cushions in such a way that they are practically maintenance free. The foam and the fabric covering are often made to withstand the elements. One popular brand of fabric covering for outdoor furniture is Sunbrella. It can tolerate the sun and rain without fading and with minimal wear and tear. The choices of color, texture and designs are also varied and are sure to suit homeowners and their preferences.

Sunbrella fabrics come in two kinds, the stiff awning fabric and the softer furniture fabric. The stiffer fabric is for the use of awning, umbrellas and other shelters while the lighter fabric is for custom outdoor cushions and other furniture needs. The brand is highly recommended as able to last long even with exposure to the elements.

Other ways of maintaining your custom outdoor cushions are to spray them with stain guard (if they do not come with this feature) or to cover them with light furniture covering when bit in use. You might also want to wash them when they become a bit soiled in order to maintain the color of the fabric.