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Ideas For Cottage Gardens

Cottage gardens have thier own appeal. Many people nowadays like the appeal of the rough and tumble garden that usually looks like it was not planned at all. Typical cottage gardens can be done by the home owners themselves with some suggestions that will help to make their gardens a success. Cottage garden charm may be applicable for small garden landscape design ideas since not all cottages are large and need a lot of gardening space.

Cottage Gardens -Kinds Of Plants

The kinds of plants that best suit cottage gardens are flowers. Old fashioned and sometimes common flowers are best suited for any cottage garden. You can grow the perennial or the annual flowers for your cottage garden as long as you know when to change them. The more common kinds of flowering plants for your cottage garden appeal are cosmos, roses, peonies, foxgloves and many others.

Trees are also encouraged for most cottage gardens although these work best if they are situated at the outskirts of the garden. Other ideas for cottage garden charm are to place the plants in plant boxes for the cottage windows or on stands by the house. Herbs are also a great choice for plant boxes in and out of the house. An herb garden as well as a flower garden may work for cottages. Hedges will also help to pathways and the outer walls of the cottage.

cottage garden ideas can also be focused on trellises and arbors that show the entrance to the garden or the cottage. Many landscape engineers or architects like to focus on a riotous garden with some semblance of order for your cottage. White picket fences may work for your borders that could match your cottage gardens.

Other ideas that might complement cottage gardens is to have birdbaths and small fountains in the garden. These water fixtures not only enhance the garden and add focal point to some parts of it but these may also attract birds to the garden. Birds' presence adds to the cottage charm so you might also like to add bird feeders in the nearby trees.

cottage gardens are mostly focused on flowers and maybe some vegetable or fruit garden on the side. These add to the charm of living in the country or the illusion of doing so.