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Contemporary Garden Design Concepts

If you think of the word garden, old fashioned floral prints, countless roses, and overabundant scents may be what come to mind. Besides, you might feel like you do not have any room for a garden.

However, garden designs of the past are just that—designs of the past. Today there are countless contemporary garden design concepts out there to help you design a small garden that fits your contemporary style.

Contemporary Garden Design -Unique And Exotic Plants 

Contemporary garden design concepts include unique and exotic ideas that have previously been unheard of. Instead of sticking solely to flowers, contemporary small garden design concepts include fruit trees, imported flowers, and exotic grasses. No longer are gardens made up of just roses and daisies. It may be difficult, however, to find these items at traditional nurseries. You may have to talk to your local nursery or home and garden store and have them important the items that you choose. The main thing that you absolutely must be concerned with when using a contemporary garden design that includes exotic plants is that your environment will be suitable for these flowers and plants. Do your research and make sure that you have the proper sunlight and soil conditions to accommodate an exotic plant before spending money on one and importing it for your contemporary small garden design.

Contemporary Staging

A big part of making your contemporary garden design concept contemporary is in the staging. When doing any garden design for a small space, you have to use each and every inch carefully and precisely. Every plant and flower will be well thought out and places where it is for a specific purpose. Because of this, it is easy to establish a contemporary small garden design with the staging of the plants. Instead of planting everything in the soil, you can use unique pots and garden boxes to elevate your plants and flowers and create more of a three dimensional garden instead of one that is on a single plain. This can bring almost any garden into a contemporary design.

Whatever you do for your garden, make sure that you have the right soil and sunlight to keep your plants alive. You can have the most beautiful and contemporary garden design that dies after a few days if you put in the wrong plants. In addition, make sure that the plants that you put in planters and pots are appropriate for those pots before doing so. If you follow these guidelines and concepts, you will have a contemporary garden design that is the envy of the neighborhood!