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A Few Outdoor Christmas Lighting Ideas

If you are like many people, you love driving by beautifully decorated homes around the holidays.

Even the yards that are simply filled with tacky Christmas ornaments seem beautiful when the sun sets and the lights turn on. If you want to decorate your yard but cannot think of any outdoor Christmas lighting ideas, do not despair. Here are some ideas to help you get started with your outdoor Christmas lighting

Colors, Colors, Colors!

Some of the most beautiful outdoor Christmas displays are brightly decorated homes. While some people like to stick to just one color, and that is fine, color done correctly can be absolutely stunning. The key to keeping your color scheme cohesive and beautiful instead of tacky and eccentric is to stick to a main theme. If you want to use many different colors, a great outdoor Christmas lighting idea is to do many of the same thing in various colors. For example, instead of having a ton of different items like reindeer and santas and snowmen, do one of these things in various colors. You can have fifteen snowmen in different colors and that will still look cohesive and not tacky because there is a central theme. Likewise, you could do colorful reindeer. But when you begin to combine these themes and colors, it will start to look like a cluttered mess on your front lawn.

Classic Decorating Ideas

If this is your first time decorating and you are wary of other outdoor Christmas lighting ideas, you can always stick with classic outdoor Christmas lighting ideas. You can very easily simply line the edges of your house with lights and have a beautifully decorated home. You could also put lights around your windows. In addition, a great outdoor Christmas lighting idea that is still classic is to put a string of lights around the trees in your front yard. When doing this, outdoor Christmas light safety is of big concern. You may need a ladder to put lights on higher trees, so make sure that you have a spotter when doing this.

Whatever outdoor Christmas lighting idea you choose, know that you will have a beautifully decorated home when you are finished. Everyone loves driving by decorated Christmas homes, and during this time of year, the word “tacky” in reference to outdoor Christmas lighting ideas is nearly nonexistent! So do whatever you want in your lawn without fear of looking silly—after all, it is the only time of the year that you can do this!