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Cedar Garden Furniture

Cedar garden furniture is a great wood to use for any deck or patio as it is a very beautiful hardwood that grows in North America and is used to make furniture.

Because of its steadiness and beauty, clear grade western red cedar is a common type used and produced throughout the United States. Damage from the sun and rain can be a major consideration for people who are buying garden furniture. In the U.S., people who live in the northern states must also worry about whether they have to deal with snow, sleet, or hail.

Western red cedar helps combat these issues because it contains oil that acts as a natural preservative which helps the wood resist rot. The first major piece of furniture to come out of this type of wood was the Adirondack Chair and it was a definite commercial success among customers. The government saw the durability of this inexpensive wood used to make the chair and finally decided that they wanted cedar benches that were usable in parks. Unfortunately, the Great Depression of the 1930s gave the government plenty of time to test these benches, as many people were put to work making them through the WPA. The WPA was a program created by President Roosevelt to help those who were left unemployed by the Great Depression. During the period, many members of the WPA went into the forest and cut down cedar trees to make items like park benches from the cedar trees.

Another item popularly made from cedar was chests as these were a good way to store items as they prevent mold and mildew. Cedar chests were often preferred by sailors on long trips. By combining the material with pine, cedar made a great material for coffins for the deceased, as well. In England, a place once heavily affected by the plague, it was believed that cedar coffins would prevent the deadly spread of many diseases. Over the years, cedar's versatility has allowed it to be used for many reasons.




Today we find that cedar garden furniture is a beautiful to anyone's patio or his or her home. Many of the richer members of America have their patios and gardens inlaid with cedar as this matches the beauty of their patio furniture. Many accessories made of cedar are found in stores today with items such as serving trays and carts are available in stores like Target or Wal-Mart. For affordable prices, cedar garden furniture can be purchased from most department stores with Sears and J.C. Pennies being two examples of this. The Cedar Outdoor Furniture Company offers items made from this durable wood online. Another benefit of doing business with The Cedar Outdoor Furniture Company is that you can buy custom-made designs from them.

The Cedar Garden Furniture Company has many accessories that help beautify your patio. The company has great pride in the way they manufacture their cedar garden furniture. Fine sanding and handcrafted materials are two features of this company as well.