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Cast Stone Can Give a Natural Look

Cast stone is manmade stone that is made with the mixture of architectural concrete to resemble the natural stones.

The natural stones are quite expensive and so this cannot be used by all the people. The cast stone is the innovative product that is used instead of natural stone in various places such as fountains, windowsills, keystones, birdbaths, benches and pavements. They are good substitutes for natural cut stones such as slate, granite, travertine and bluestone. You can reinforce the cast stone with steel rebar and could make them in variety of colors.

Cast stone was first used in 12th century and this was made to be used on fortress walls in France. You can make cast stone in any place where you can get the raw materials. But natural stone is available only in particular places. Usage of cast stone has eliminated the need to transport the natural stone in bulk quantity to the place where it is needed from the place where it is available. So this would be cheaper in cost. You can make it easily on site. There is no need for the masons to toil over the natural stones with hammers and chisels as you can mold cast stone pieces in any shape or size.

Cast stone is made of crushed stone and Portland cement and is molded into shape. The chemical hardeners and pigments are used to make them so that they could be hardened soon. With innovative technology you can manufacture cast stone that are highly durable. The chemical admixtures and plasticizers are added to the dry cement to get beautiful appearance and superior strength just like natural lock. You can create your own cast stone with the help of pigments, hardeners and other materials to create any style that you need.

The building materials made of cast stone add aesthetic value and offer that structural integrity that is most needed for any surface. You can add cast stone sundials and ornate walls in your garden that will enhance the beauty of the garden with exceptional weather resistance. You can also make use of these stones as load bearing keystones in doorways and wall caps that will give an architectural appeal. You will get the appearance of more cultured stone. You can create your fireplace with the help of cast stone. They are available in different styles, shapes and colors and so are used instead of natural stones.