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Cast Aluminum Patio Table

When people are picking tables for outdoor use, they can be assured that a cast aluminum patio table will give them the most value for their dollar.

Cast aluminum will resist corrosion better than most other metals, so it is a better choice if a metal table is desired. The life of a cast aluminum patio table is determined by the quality of the alloy used to make the table should be the main factor in how long it will last, not just the name cast aluminum. 

In coastal areas where saltwater air is prevalent, using a cast aluminum patio table makes sense and it will resist corrosion far better than ferrous metals, but buying a cast aluminum table and believing that it will last forever is simply folly.

Cast Aluminum Will Outlast Most Other Materials

There are different grades of cast aluminum that hold up better than a typical residential grade and many of the heavier cast aluminum patio table sets will outlast most other types of metals. However, even painted wrought iron can have a future if it is cared for properly. By making sure new paint is applied over any scratches immediately can help protect the metal from the effects of corrosion.

Wood, teak in particular is quite popular for patio table sets and while quality cast aluminum patio table sets will outlast wood, teak is a remarkably resilient product. If cleaned and coated on a regular basis, it can be maintained to outlast most average grades of cast aluminum patio table sets. It is a matter of keeping in clean, dry and well protected against the elements of the weather that makes patio furniture sets last longer, more so than the materials of which tehy are made of.

Most cast aluminum patio table sets are not made of the thin metal as its predecessors and will withstand years of use and abuse. Taking care of your table by keeping it clean of corrosive abrasions will help extend its life. Today's high end cast aluminum patio table sets sets are much heavier than those that were produced in previous years, making them able to last longer and less likely to to deteriorate over extended use of time.