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Brick Veneer -Pros and Cons

If any surface material has a facing this is called as veneer and brick veneer is a veneer that has thin brick surface on the front.

They are used for aesthetic purpose both in indoor and outdoor applications. The brick veneer that is used for indoor applications vary greatly in their installation and appearance from that used for outdoor applications. Some of them look like traditional red brick while others have more rustic appearance.

You can use the brick veneer in your interiors just like tiles. You have to spread mortar on the wall and should set the bricks on the top of the mortar. You have plastic spacers to separate the bricks while it is drying so that you can get an even spacing in between the bricks. After the mortar sets up the brick is grouted. The brick veneer is very much used for decorating walls of the fireplace and to get industrial feel in apartments.

The outdoor installation of brick veneer varies greatly from indoor ones. They are installed as a free standing wall, anchored to the house, which is called as brick ties. The brick veneer is set on the foundation of the house and are supported by its own weight. However there are some disadvantages of installing the brick veneer onto the outside of your home. They are quite tough to install and are connected to the house with the help of joints in the mortar. You may not get that structural integrity that you might expect from the brick veneer. They might also be damaged by water.

Though there are some drawbacks, the brick veneer used for outdoor purposes is attractive and has classic look. They are highly durable and have low maintenance requirements. But they are susceptible to damage from flying objects when there is a wind storm. The metal siding may fade with time. You do not need any extra painting required for brick veneer as you already have wood or metal siding. These types of sidings have less chance of damage when compared with vinyl siding. When they get damaged you cannot replace them easily because the old and the new ones would not match. So select those that would be durable and simple. It is better to ask for the professional installation of brick veneer. They are really lovely addition to you home offering it stylish look. It makes your house more presentable.