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Brick Patio Designs Offer Appeal

Brick has an appeal that is hard to beat. Many people incorporate it into various areas of their home exteriors. If your home is brick or at least partly brick, brick patio designs are a natural consideration.

But even if your home is not brick, you can add the charm of a brick patio to your home. Finding ideas to incorporate into your patio is as easy as looking online, in magazines and around your area.

Bricks come in many styles, sizes and colors. A number of different materials are also used in the manufacture of bricks. These materials can include clay, concrete, calcium silicate, quarried stone, soft slate and shale. Each gives the bricks they make a unique look and influences the color of the bricks. Clay is the most common material used. Colors can range from red to brown, white to black and even purple. Red is the most common color for bricks. When you are looking at brick patio designs, imagine them in the various colors you might consider using.brick patio designs image

Brick is ideal for a built-in barbecue. Many brick patio designs include a barbecue built of brick. They can be very basic or have such amenities as a brick oven. Brick is also used to build outdoor fireplaces for those chilly evenings when you still want to be out on your patio but need a little more warmth.

Brick Patio Designs For BBQ's

Many brick patio designs include planters built of bricks. Brick, plants and flowers go wonderfully together to make a beautiful patio. This is especially true of red bricks. The green of plants and the bright colors of flowers are set off very well by red brick. The size and shape of planters can be what ever works best for the area you have to work with.

You are not limited to boxy looking planters, either, as bricks can be laid into varying shapes. Look around your area and you will see many planters that might work great for your patio.

Seating areas can also be included in brick patio designs. Bricks can be used to form the supports with wood used for the actual seat. These make very charming places to sit. Seating can be incorporated into brick walls, too. Low walls can double as benches. Such low walls can be built with a curve around outdoor gas fireplaces for convenient places to sit near the fire.

When you are looking for ideas to include in brick patio designs, don't limit yourself to just looking at patios. Other structures made of bricks can also give great ideas for features you might want to include in your patio. There are many brick buildings that have beautiful embellishments that would look wonderful in a brick patio. Create many different brick patio designs before you narrow it down to just one. You might even take features from several and recombine into a completely different design that will make your brick patio uniquely yours. Your imagination is your best tool when designing your patio, so use it to its fullest.