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A Guide To Bamboo Wood Chimes

Wind chimes are a great way to get a soothing music whenever the wind blows. There are various types of wind chimes that differ as per type, length, and material. For outdoor use, metal or bamboo wood chimes are

a good choice. These chimes will last longer, but rain and sun will eventually split the bamboo. Metal chimes last longest, and they create hollow and deep tones.

Bamboo grows faster than any other plant, and it conveys resiliency, strength, longevity, flexibility and good luck. Bamboo wood chimes have a harmonious and pleasant tone that adds charm to the space with their soft sound and earthy effect.

Types Of Wind Chimes

If planning to keep the wind chimes outdoor, you can go for designs that use bells or tubes. Chimes that used tubes are quite commonly used, as each tube is capable of producing a different tune. When bells are used, each bell produces a specific tone.

When buying bamboo wood chimes, consider their length, as length of the chimes play and important role in how they sound. Chimes with shorter tubes produce higher tones and longer tubes produce lower tones. Sail is the part of the chime that is responsible for catching wind and moving the chimes. Its size determines how much wind is required to power the chimes. Most of the outdoor bamboo wind chimes are designed to start working when the wind speed is around eight miles per hour.

There are also Feng Shui bamboo wind chimes that help with laziness and depression, as placing the chimes in the middle of the bedroom helps to uplift chi of the person. In Chinese poetry, art and literature, bamboo has been widely known and well represented for many years. Bamboo wood chimes are made of bamboo reads that are neatly cut, polished and stained in many subtle earthy styles and tones. They suppress the fast flowing energy and weaken or enhance the malignant stars. They are also used as good luck charm that brings prosperity and wealth to home and business.

There are also African bamboo wood chimes, which are beautifully crafted and trimmed to give it attractive shape, and soothing sound. There is a birdhouse-shaped bamboo wood chime that features elongated clapper and scalloped roof. The soothing rhythm is produced when wind passes through the tubes.

Making bamboo wood chimes is not difficult, and it uses hollow bamboo reeds harvested to ensure undamaged plant. Before buying the chimes, test them and make sure you like the notes, and they are pleasant to the ears.