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Backyard Patio Landscaping Design 

Often, people focus most of their time on the inside of the home, which is fine, but with outdoor entertaining on the rise, it is important to place attention on the exterior as well.

With the right type of backyard patio landscaping design, the possibilities are unlimited. For instance, there are pool landscape designs, lighting designs, and more. The best option is to look at different patio landscaping examples to gain a better understanding of what you like, what fits in the budget, and what will work best for the space and configuration of your outdoor area.

We wanted to make the process a little easier so we have provided some patio landscaping examples for you. First, remember that family and friends coming to visit want to feel comfortable. Therefore, make sure there is adequate seating and that any trees or bushes are well maintained so they are not reaching over the top of the railing. If you want something for afternoon shade and a little privacy, you might consider installing a lattice roof over the patio and then covering it with climbing ivy.

Another type of backyard patio landscaping design is to add a small garden pond. These ponds have never been easier and more affordable. For instance, you can purchase a shell, which simply gets buried into the ground. Then to enhance the pond, you would want to place short bushes or plants around the outside perimeter, coupled with floating lights, and perhaps a nearby flowerbed consisting of colorful plants that would complement the home.

Pool Landscape Designs

Of course, for people with a swimming pool, there are even pool landscape designs here too. For one thing, consider the size and shape of the pool and then whether you will need some type of shade. However, you want to make sure that any trees planted are not placed too close to the pool, which would make cleaning difficult from falling leaves. Often, people will have a small area by the pool dedicated to shrubs and flowers, creating an inviting space for everyone to enjoy.



Patio Landscaping Examples

The bottom line is that there are so many patio landscaping examples that sometimes making a final choice can be tough. Obviously, the goal is to create physical appeal to your outdoor area, which can be done with texture, color, and shape. As mentioned, for pool landscape designs, in the case of close by neighbors, privacy would be a consideration. Therefore, you could choose a row of strategically planted trees to create a barrier between your home and the neighbors.

The most important thing is to research the various patio landscaping examples so you end up with a functional, efficient, and beautiful place. With thousands of tree, bush, and flower options, coupled with ponds, waterfalls, gazebos, lighting, chimneas, and more, you can come up with any style you want from natural to contemporary to rustic. If you are unsure where to begin for your new backyard patio landscaping design, you can either do research on your own or consider hiring a consultant to provide ideas for you.