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Awning Lights

Awning lights ca be a combination of spotlights and floodlights depending on the purpose of the user; spots are great to accent certain patio corners, whereas floods light up the entire area.

Moreover, you also have the freedom of using alternative power sources; thus some of the lights can be connected to a permanent power supply whereas others can rely on batteries alone.

Solar Lights

Solar Lights can be placed almost anywhere with adequate sunlight without the hassle of wires. Adding the solar lights to your awninghelp to complete any garden or patio project. Solar Stringlights - solar led lighting that is a breeze to install! Simply place the solar panel on a ground stake and place it in the ground anywhere there is sunlight, then string your lights as desired!

Solar products have come a long way in recent years and are suitable for most exterior lighting needs. They are easily installed and do not require any wire hookup. Solar lighting is only one part of making your backyard or patio and outdoor experience. We have a FANTASTIC array of outdoor items. Solar lighting has many benefits, the most notable being they?re maintenance free, easy to install and run at no cost. The only disadvantage is that they must be in an area that receives a lot of sunlight.

Solar lights optimum environment is in a place where it gets at least 4 hours of sunlight.

Outdoor String Lights

Outdoor string lights for Asian themes include the general off-white Chinese paper lanterns, of course, but there are also many other options. These days, you can get paper lanterns in just about any size or color. Outdoor awning lights are available for every garden situation. For instance downlighting and backlighting are two techniques that create dramatic effects while, of course, providing light.



Outdoor patio lighting comes in many different shapes, sizes and uses, and should be made part of your overall outdoor decorating scheme. Patio string lights, table and floor lamps, outdoor candles and outdoor fireplaces and fire pits will allow you to enjoy the outdoor living space far longer than the natural daylight will allow.