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Awning Fabrics -Common Material Types

Awning fabrics are in general made of a canvas which is woven with cotton or polyester fiber, or polyester fabric laminated with vinyl. Awnings can be used anywhere in your house or business to shade certain areas from the harsh elements of the weather.

It could be above a door or window or above a patio or along a sidewalk. In businesses, especially in the hotel and restaurant trade, the awning fabric is used as a name-board or a place to prominently display the signage of the business. If you add pour pillars, your awning fabric can be converted in to a canopy as well. Thanks to its flexibility, awning fabrics can be used for other applications. Awning fabric can also be used as long term tarps and as boat covers as well.

Awning fabric can be purchased in several widths to suit your requirements. In general awning fabrics are manufactured in 46”, 60” and 80” widths. Due to the advancement of fabric technology, now you can purchase awning fabric which has been specially treated to be resistant to mildew. And unlike the past awning fabric at present are water repellent. Some advanced awning fabric contains a special adjustment which protects the skin from harmful sun’s rays and they have also been awarded the Skin cancer foundation seal of recommendation.

Awning fabrics are easy to clean and care for and can be cleaned while the awning fabric is still on its frame depending on the size of the awning. Awning fabric can also be taken off its frame and cleaned in a washing machine as well. One of the easiest and best ways to keep awning fabric in good condition is to just hose the fabrics with clean water in a regular basis. This will prevent dust and other dirt from settling in to the crevices of the awning frame. This practice will also reduce the need for vigorous washing thereby keeping the fabric looking new. If you hose down your awning at least once a month, in most geographical locations and weather conditions, vigorous cleaning will be required approximately every two or three years.

There are some common rules one should keep in mind during the general cleaning of awning fabrics. It is important that water should be cold or lukewarm, never very hot. Use a mild soap or detergent, never industrial strength washing powder or liquids. It is always better to better to air dry awning fabric for longer life. Before you observe the above rules, make sure you prepare your awning fabric prior to washing. Brush off dust and dirt with a soft bristled brush. Then hose it down with clean cold or lukewarm water and then apply your cleaning solution.