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Automatic Awnings

Automatic awnings, sometimes known as all-weather awnings, are the perfect solution for outdoor enjoyment regardless of season.

For years, awnings had to be opened and closed manually. Although there were different types of systems, the most common was the type that was operated with a hand crank. However, today automatic awnings are the favorite choice.

With automatic awnings, the entire awning is operated automatically, generally with the simple push of a button. To support this, a sheet is mounted to one edge and then to a roller bar on the other side. Then, scissor type supports allow the awning to be opened and closed in a quick and easy way. As you will discover, there are many different benefits associated with automatic awnings.

The first benefit is a perfect solution for people with space limitations. For instance, if a deck or patio had little space for an awning to be extended at all times, this type of awning’s operation allows the homeowner to open it whenever they sit outdoors but then retract it when going back inside. While some people will leave the awning open most of the time, having the option of controlling it automatically makes everything easier.

Another benefit of automatic awnings is the operation itself. For some people, the process of opening and closing an awning is difficult. This could be due to a disability, arthritis, age, and so on. However, by pushing a button to open the awning and then pushing the button again to close it has never been easier.

Without doubt, automatic awnings create a comfortable place to enjoy the outdoors. Whether hot and sunny or raining, the awning protects the area. These awnings also come in a wonderful variety of materials with canvas being the most popular. Additionally, awnings such as this come in different colors so a homeowner can even choose from automatic awnings that enhance or complement the appearance of the home.


For some types of automatic awnings, the installation process is something the average homeowner could manage but most often, it is required to have a professional do the installation. Even so, when buying an automatic awning, often the installation price is included in the overall sale. While automatic awnings are a bit more expensive than manual awnings, this is a purchase worth making. This type of awning provides more opportunity to sit outside with a cup of coffee in the morning, a good book in the afternoon, or with friends for a weekend barbecue, providing shade from the hot sun or protection from rain.