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Aluminum Patio Cover 

A beautifully maintained and functional patio cover will add value to your home. One option in patio covers is an aluminum patio cover.

The aluminum patio cover manufactured today is quite different than the one you may remember sitting under at your grandparent’s home. They now come in a variety of new styles and updated colors for today’s patio designs. They are a strong, long lasting and low maintenance solution to your patio cover needs. An aluminum patio cover will allow you to enjoy your patio all year round.aluminum patio cover image

Wood Look

If you prefer the look of wood but don’t like the upkeep these aluminum patio covers also come in “Alumawood” which gives the appearance of wood without the maintenance. They come in a lattice style or beam style giving you the look of a sturdily built wood arbor or pergola that will stand the test of time.


The aluminum patio cover is also available in a retractable model. This keeps the sun out in the summer cutting your cooling costs up to 20%. In the winter months it could be retracted to allow in the sun’s alpha rays to naturally increase the internal temperature of your home.

Rust Proof

These water repellant and rust proof covers have a clean and simple look.. The aluminum can be custom cut to fit the shape and size of any patio. You can have the various suppliers install the cover for you or they also come in do-it-yourself kits.

Visit one of the local home improvement centers in your area. They may have a display of the various styles and colors for you to see up close. You may have a neighbor who has one and you can ask how they like it. There are quite a few companies listed online. At most of these sites you should be able to input your patio size and the style you like. They should give you a quick reply on what is available and give you an estimated price quote. They all should offer lifetime guarantees. An aluminum patio cover is an inexpensive way to protect your patio windows and indoor furnishings from the harmful rays of the sun. Installing an aluminum patio cover will give you a covered deck area that be can enjoyed for years to come.